Xi'an being one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in China. This city has a long and rich history. It's one of the oldest cities in China and was once an ancient capital of the country. Xi'an beautifully blends together ancient and modern elements to create a city that is incredibly welcoming to foreigners but also maintains authentic Chinese culture.



Day 1
City Tour
The city wall It was fun to walk this wall as the sun set and look at how Xi'an had grown from an ancient, walled city to a modern metropolis. you can have a good hour to just walked from the south gate the west gate of the city. Breakfast
The Bell and Drum Towers Not only are they beautiful on their own right but they also offer things to do inside; the bell tower houses artifacts, art and traditional furnishings while the drum tower has performances throughout the day.
Big Wild Goose Tower
Shanxi Provincial Museum
Day 2
Terra cotta Warriors
It's amazing to learn the history of these statues and view them in person.they’re a UNESCO site! Can't pass that up! Breakfast
The Muslim Quarter